Discover how the new Unified Key Experience secures your stack with a single API key to connect to multiple networks, making project management more straightforward than ever.

Today, we’re excited to announce Infura’s new Unified Key Experience (UKE), an update that streamlines our key management system and offers robust security controls, empowering you to configure precise permissions for your Infura keys.

This feature aims to secure and simplify the user experience by consolidating all types of Infura keys—Eth1-keys and Unified-key-service, from past, present, and future—into a single, more user-friendly system, UKE. This makes it easier for users to navigate and use the various services offered by Infura without the hassle of managing multiple key types.

In the past, Infura used different types of API keys to allow access to its various services and supported blockchain networks. These different API keys were divided into two main categories: Eth1-keys and Unified-key-service, with Eth1-keys catering to Ethereum-like networks, including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Palm, Near, and Aurora, while the Unified-key-service catered to non-Ethereum-like networks like Filecoin and IPFS.

This setup meant that different Infura services required different keys, and no two services could be accessed with a single key, which confused our users.

Before UKE
After UKE

Objectives of the Unified Key Experience

  1. Universal keys: The primary aim is to establish a single type of key within Infura's UKE that operates across all services, offering optional limitations as per user preference.
  2. Seamless migration for users: A crucial objective is to seamlessly transition all existing keys into the new UKE system.
  3. No service interruption: It is imperative to maintain uninterrupted service for users throughout this transition.

How the UKE benefits Infura customers                 

  1. Fortified security: UKE prioritizes your project's security with advanced controls, allowing you to tailor key permissions precisely and fortify against potential threats.
  2. Effortless project setup: UKE aligns with customers' workflow styles by allowing them to easily set up and manage the different development environments with a single key that provides access to all necessary networks.
  3. Streamlined network access: UKE simplifies how customers enable and access various blockchain networks by clearly displaying all available options, encouraging the exploration of new networks.
  4. New network discovery: With UKE, customers can easily discover and experiment with new blockchain networks that Infura supports, enhancing their awareness and usage options.

Get started with Infura’s new Unified Key Experience

Infura’s Unified Key Experience (UKE) marks a significant upgrade in our key management system while offering full backward compatibility to ensure that all existing keys remain functional. We encourage our existing users to explore the new configuration opportunities that this upgrade makes available by logging onto the Infura dashboard.

For new users, sign up today to experience an improved user interface and a simplified project management and configuration workflow enabled by Infura’s UKE.