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“Infura has been really helpful to get us up and running quickly. As an early project it was nice to see the Polygon integration, where we were able to test then deploy on Polygon and Infura made it seamless for us.”

Michael Watson, Co-Founder, Chained Metrics

Free Archive Data Access

Data is power. Access over 15TB of historical ETH data as you test, audit, and drive your business intelligence analytics. Included in every Infura plan.

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Fully compatible with all IDEs, Infura provides 10x faster response times, stable infrastructure and 99.99% uptime. Take advantage of ConsenSys developer tools for the easiest way to build

Transaction Management

Stuck transactions, high gas fees, and hidden transaction costs are a thing of the past. Enjoy automations, the best gas prices, and never worry about holding ETH.

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