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Big names in DeFi trust Infura with their transactions


Get a network with 99.99% uptime, the ability to scale as you grow, and a solution that just works


Infura helps Uniswap meet their interface’s data demands

Infura was created at the Ethererum genesis block to help developers grow web3 faster

Never let spikes lead to higher costs or down-time again
Save hundreds of developer hours
Simplify your disaster recovery

“We went from a niche product - DeFi was niche in 2019 - to now a mainstream product with thousands of users a day, doing 100 million dollars a day in volume and that comes with a challenge on the infrastructure side. By using Infura, we don’t have to worry about downtime in full nodes. We worry only about our product and our users.”

Mounir Benchemled, Co-Founder, Paraswap

Decentralized apps need decentalized frontends

Our IPFS API and dedicated gateway make it easy to store and control your data. Access everything your applications need with our scalable and secure distributed storage infrastructure.

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The product Infura suite supports you through build, launch and growth

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