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With Infura’s decentralized storage options, you’ve got all the power. Shift how you handle storage and take back control.

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Where you store your data matters. With distributed storage, your data is encrypted and stored across multiple nodes, creating a more resilient web.

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The blockchain and NFT communities were founded on the principles of decentralization and independence from the very beginning. We’re focused on helping collectors protect their NFTs no matter what happens, and Infura helps us achieve that goal.


The only IPFS API

Designed to give you control of your data, Infura's IPFS API and dedicated gateways connect applications of all sizes to distributed, secure storage. As a robust storage solution, it provides developers with a scalable, secure way to build decentralized applications.

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Whether you're storing an NFT or building the next big DeFi app, find out how decentralized storage can help you pay less and get more.

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Decentralized Storage Can Help Change the World

Kleros is a decentralized arbitration protocol that relies on IPFS to improve the justice system.

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