Building a Secure Justice System for the Metaverse

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Kleros is a decentralized arbitration protocol service for the disputes of the new economy. The Kleros mission is to democratize access to justice in the digital world and be the world’s first decentralized court system for the Metaverse.

Kleros is used by businesses and Web3 protocols for arbitration in their smart contracts. When a dispute is created, Kleros randomly selects a panel of jurors and sends back a decision. Backed by blockchain, the whole process is secure and transparent.

Kleros began using Infura in 2017 and it has supported their service with foundational infrastructure ever since. Kleros uses Infura’s blockchain API endpoints to access Ethereum and IPFS, build dapps, and keep their projects and clients safe by closing vectors of attack and securing transactions with Infura Transactions (ITX).

“Kleros is creating a justice system for the Metaverse. Infura is a key partner for us to move smoothly and swiftly so we can build this future.”

Federico Ast
Founder of Kleros


Accessing the Ethereum and IPFS networks is an on-going necessity for Kleros at every stage. Whether for their Engineering team during development, or for the Kleros suite of maintenance scripts during regular operations, or even for end-users interacting with Kleros’ web dapps.

Kleros could run its own Ethereum and IPFS nodes for this purpose, however that would mean a significant effort for their lean team of engineers. Kleros realized that operating its own nodes with high and consistent levels of reliability can easily be a full-time job that includes many tasks. These tasks include maintaining underlying infrastructure and the node clients, tweaking performance, upgrading software packages and their configurations, monitoring the workload, and provisioning capacity accordingly.


By adopting Infura’s managed APIs to access Ethereum and IPFS, Kleros engineers have been able to sustain acute focus over the years to build the first and best-in-class arbitration protocol, exploring new use cases, and integrating a dozen DeFi protocols. Infura has been fulfilling millions of API calls per day for Kleros. As Kleros is gearing up for the year of Layer 2 side-chains like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum and more, with a major upgrade, the engineering team will rely on Infura’s L2 APIs to access the main L2 rollup networks.

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