You can now access a dedicated gateway to decentralized storage for your projects through the Infura IPFS API. A gateway allows applications, such as browsers, that do not natively support IPFS to access IPFS content. This is a new feature our team has released today in anticipation of our gradual deprecation of our public gateways in October.

Now you are able to create your own unique gateways, dedicated to only your projects. With this initial release, you can also create your own subdomain and restrict your view to show only content you have pinned. These features were previously not available when you accessed IPFS through the public gateway.

Our continued commitment to this technology is proof that we believe in it. A dedicated team is constantly working hard behind the scenes, continually improving the robustness, resilience and latency of our IPFS API, and shipping new features like this one to improve the usability of IPFS for all your decentralized storage needs.

Please see the bottom of this post for details of the Deprecation of the public gateway October 5th 2022

How to enable dedicated gateway:

Step 1: Go to your IPFS project’s general settings, where you will see a new section for Dedicated Gateway:

Step 2: Click the enable/disable toggle and you will see a box appear, where you can choose a unique name for your dedicated gateway:

Step 3: Type your chosen gateway name into the box and click “SAVE SUBDOMAIN”. Once you do, our system runs an automatic check, to ensure that this chosen name is unique.

If this name is unique, you will see a green box in the top right-hand corner, telling you that your project settings have been updated:

Step 4: Optional: Check the “Only pinned content” box, to restrict your gateway’s usage, such that the gateway only responds with content you have pinned to your project:

You are now ready to use this endpoint in your project!

  • If you wish to change the name of your project, you may do so by typing directly into the unique subdomain box.
  • Make sure that you remember to click the Save Project button. You will see the green success box, only with the updated name of your unique subdomain, in the Project Summary section, with all the project details.
  • You can rename your unique subdomain by typing directly into the box.
  • The dedicated gateway URL form is:
  • https://$$CID/path/to/something
  • You have a maximum of 20 unique subdomains across all IPFS projects
  • You can return to a previously used subdomain
  • You can only have 1 active subdomain per project

Billing and future iterations

The dedicated gateway traffic will be billed at the same price as accessing IPFS via the Infura API:

  • 5GB of storage free
  • 5GB data transfer up free
  • 5GB data transfer down free

Anything above that limit will be charged at:

  • Unlimited storage at $0.08/GB
  • Unlimited data transfer at $0.12/GB

Currently, for this release the billing will not be split out into API and gateway traffic, on your Stats Dashboard nor your invoices. We will work on getting that split out very soon.

For more information, please refer to the Documentation, or contact support.

Deprecation of the public API and gateway

At Infura, we are constantly upgrading our systems to facilitate your building of Web3. As such, we have made vast improvements to the robustness and stability of our internal systems, and the next stage of this includes deprecating the public API and gateway. This will take place six months from now, on October 5th 2022.

Please ensure that, by the above date, you will have migrated your endpoints over to the authenticated API endpoints within your project settings, enabled the dedicated gateway, and changed your gateway endpoints at any place where you access the gateway within your IPFS dApps/code.

Remember, you can migrate your pins to the new IPFS service in three easy steps. Happy pinning!