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Infura supports the DeFi-friendly Avalanche C-Chain, a highly efficient and programmable Layer 1 blockchain that is EVM-compatible and purpose-built for smart contract creation.

Instantly gain all Avalanche C-Chain benefits for free with Infura

Combine C-Chain’s high throughput with scalable infrastructure
Leverage multichain and free archive data features
Take advantage of end-to-end Web3 tooling
Build with one reliable Web3 infrastructure

A fast and low-cost scalable network designed for DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming

Leverage sub-second transaction finality and give your users a smooth, reliable and secure Web3 experience.

Fast and scalable 



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We trust Infura's scalable solutions and dependable support to ensure the reliability of the 0x network. When Avalanche C-Chain support was added, we jumped at the opportunity to use it as we knew it would improve our product offerings on that chain. We're excited to continue working closely with the Infura team to deliver the best possible experience for our users.

Charles Reese, Engineering Manager, 0x Labs (open exchange infrastructure unlocking Web3 markets)

Getting started with Infura + Avalanche C-Chain

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Tutorial: Learn to deploy a smart contract and mint NFTs

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