A zk rollup built to be built on

Linea zkEVM is a developer ready Layer 2 scaling solution that works with the tools you know and love.

Built in compatibility, scalability and security platform for dapps

Infura supports Linea to build a functioning network that supports the Ethereum community's preferred scalability strategy—rollups—while achieving full EVM equivalence.

Lower gas fees and faster finality
EVM equivalence
Secured by Ethereum

Innovative, approachable and scalable for developers with a growing ecosystem

Innovative prover design

Ensures faster transaction speeds and reduced gas costs without sacrificing security.

Powered by ConsenSys

Offers unrivaled scalability for dApps with native integrations to tools like Infura, and MetaMask.

A growing list of ecosystem partners

Powering new decentralized apps on Ethereum with full EVM compatibility for easy portability to other EVM-based networks.

About Linea

Linea is built on top of Ethereum, providing the security of the Ethereum blockchain, while also delivering unrivaled scalability using type 2 zkEVM validity rollup. With its commitment to decentralization and open-source development. Linea is an ideal platform for developers who want to build and deploy dApps quickly, securely, and with minimal hassle.

Supported by tools you actually use

Connect instantly with MetaMask and Infura, deploy bytecode as is and deploy apps just as you would on Ethereum.

Getting started with Infura + Linea

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Infura’s Linea documentation

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