Scaling without compromise. Security without comparison.

Infura supports StarkNet, a permissionless ZK-rollup for unlimited scaling of any business use case, backed by STARKs – the most powerful zero-knowledge proofs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Fast, scalable and inherently trustless Layer 2 solution

StarkNet is a flexible L2 solution for scaling Ethereum, providing developers with a familiar and powerfully secure platform for a variety of use cases.

Increased scalability

with high throughput. StarkNet can exceed existing throughput levels by 3 times transactions per second.

Lower cost

with minimal gas fees. With STARK proofs, gas fees for transactions on StarkNet are 40 times less than on Ethereum.


while maintaining robust security. StarkNet maintains Ethereum-level composability, enabling seamless development and innovation.

Scalable, decentralized and secure environment

Interact like you do with Ethereum, but with the throughput and speed to scale.

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About StarkNet

StarkNet, developed by StarkWare, is a permissionless decentralized ZK-rollup, or “zero-knowledge proof” rollup, using Scalable Transparent ARgument of Knowledge proofs [STARKs] to enforce transactions efficiently off-chain. The network operates as an L2 network on top of Ethereum that enables dapps to achieve scalability for their computational needs without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security. StarkNet’s general-purpose smart contracts support a broad range of business use cases for every innovation.

Supported by tools and services that you actually use on Ethereum

StarkNet is supported by tools available in the Infura + Ethereum ecosystem.

Immutable X has been an Infura customer for a year. As we're building a cross-rollup NFT liquidity layer on StarkNet, we continue to leverage Infura's infrastructure to provide us with a stable platform for Web3 games and GameFi use cases.

Ignatius Widjaja, Principal Engineer at Immutable

Getting started with StarkNet + Infura

Follow these three simple steps to get building.

Start building

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ConsenSys and StarkWare Partner Up

Read about the ConsenSys + StarkWare partnership to bring ZK-rollups to Infura and MetaMask

Check out Infura-StarkNet documentation

For more on ZK-rollups, Cairo and building on StarkNet, read our docs.

StarkNet is now supported on the Infura Network

Read our launch announcement for more details on getting started with StarkNet

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