Scaling without compromise. Security without comparison.

Infura supports StarkNet, a permissionless ZK-rollup for unlimited scaling of any business use case, backed by STARKs – the most powerful zero-knowledge proofs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Scalable, decentralized and secure environment

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Fast, scalable and inherently trustless Layer 2 solution

StarkNet is a flexible L2 solution for scaling Ethereum, providing developers with a familiar and powerfully secure platform for a variety of use cases.

Increased scalability

Lower cost


About Starknet

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Immutable X has been an Infura customer for a year. As we're building a cross-rollup NFT liquidity layer on StarkNet, we continue to leverage Infura's infrastructure to provide us with a stable platform for Web3 games and GameFi use cases.

Ignatius Widjaja, Principal Engineer at Immutable

Getting started with Infura + Starknet

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ConsenSys and StarkWare Partner Up

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StarkNet is now supported on the Infura Network

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