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Discover native yield opportunities on Ethereum with Blast L2's innovative financial mechanisms (e.g. automated rebasing, gas revenue sharing).

Redefining DeFi: The Blast network advantage

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Blast offers native yield features for developers

Blast provides functions for their smart contracts to receive/claim ETH yield, USDB yield, and gas fees in an automatic or claimable manner. Blast users and smart contracts can earn ~4% from beacon chain staking yield.


Yield earned from staking ETH on Layer 1 (e.g. Lido) is automatically distributed to users through rebasing ETH on Layer 2.

MakerDAO’s treasury bill protocol yield

Bridging stablecoins to Blast will earn USDB (Blast’s stablecoin). The yield for USDB is generated from MakerDAO’s on-chain T-Bill protocol.

Gas revenue sharing

Blast automatically returns net gas revenue to Dapps. Developers can choose to keep this revenue or use it to offset gas fees for users.

About Blast

Blast, created by the same talented team behind Blur, the popular NFT Marketplace, went live on Feb 29 with an L2 ecosystem that earns users and contributors native yield in ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI. Blast incorporates advanced features like auto-rebasing for its native stablecoin and direct Layer 1 staking yields, alongside a sustainable model for gas revenue sharing. This positions Blast as a pivotal platform for DeFi applications and users aiming for efficient, secure, and profitable blockchain interactions.

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