Down to earth and built to scale

Optimism is a pragmatic and exceptionally simple Layer 2 scaling solution, providing the most familiar Ethereum experience for developers at a fraction of the transaction cost.

Simple, sustainable and
 radically optimistic

Speed, simplicity and scalability at
 it’s best
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Bug bounty: Cash in on rewards by threat level
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The optimistic rollup that lives up to its name

With Optimism, a leading Layer 2 solution with over $800 million total value locked, saved more than $1 billion in gas fees, and donated over $1 million to public goods, doing good work in Web3 has never looked more positive.


Fast and cheap


About Optimism

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We chose Infura to access Optimism because of its stability and the best uptime. Infura develops industry-leading features that in turn help us provide the best experience to our users.

Yenwen Feng, Co-founder Perpetual Protocol

Getting started with Infura + Optimism

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What is Optimism?

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Dive deep into Infura-Optimism resources

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