Down to earth and built to scale

Optimism is a pragmatic and exceptionally simple Layer 2 scaling solution, providing the most familiar Ethereum experience for developers at a fraction of the transaction cost.

The optimistic rollup that lives up to its name

With Optimism, a leading Layer 2 solution with over $800 million total value locked, saved more than $1 billion in gas fees, and donated over $1 million to public goods, doing good work in Web3 has never looked more positive.


With EVM-equivalent Optimism, you can start building immediately, with all the Ethereum tools and apps that you’re used to.

Fast and cheap

With far cheaper gas fees - 129X cheaper than on Ethereum to be exact - transactions run like lightning and save resources.


Optimism is committed to the long-term success of the Ethereum ecosystem and a trustless, decentralized future.

Simple, sustainable and
 radically optimistic

Speed, simplicity and scalability at
 it’s best
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Bug bounty: Cash in on rewards by threat level
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About Optimism

Designed around the 4 tenets of simplicity, pragmatism, sustainability and optimism, Optimism uses optimistic rollups to process transactions in batches, reducing gas fees and speeding up transaction time. Optimism is committed to decentralization, right down to the architecture of its own incentive system. With $1M donated thus far, Optimism aims to scale and sustain public goods on Ethereum until it becomes decentralized. Optimism Collective, a new DAO, was recently created to fund public goods and govern the protocol.

Supported by tools you actually use

Optimism supports all tools available in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol is an on-chain perpetual futures DEX with deep liquidity and builder-ready composability.



BarnBridge is a decentralized finance protocol focused on providing users with access to sustainable fixed yield.

"We chose Infura to access Optimism because of its stability and the best uptime. Infura develops industry-leading features that in turn help us provide the best experience to our users."

Yenwen Feng, Co-founder Perpetual Protocol

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Additional resources to help you on your journey

What is Optimism?

Read this primer on Optimism from the team at Infura.

Check out the launch blog

Great things have been happening with Infura-Optimism since we launched our support last year.

Dive deep into Infura-Optimism resources

Learn more about getting started with Infura or read about optimistic rollups

“We decided to use Infura to access Optimism data to help us simplify & streamline our infrastructure. By using Infura, we could access all the necessary RPC data needed to manage BarnBridge deployments across mainnet & Optimism using one singular RPC data provider. This avoided the need to spend cycles managing multiple RPC data providers via a variety of different interfaces.”

Stuart Hunter, Technical Lead, BarnBridge

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