Monitor and optimize gas fees in real time on major networks

Access the battle-tested, scalable Gas API used by MetaMask to power the Gas Fee Estimation feature for millions of users.

Fuel your development with the multi-chain Gas API

The definitive Gas API for developers to analyze and optimize gas costs on EIP-1559 compatible chains.

Dynamic Fee Suggestions
Network-Specific Configurations
Block History Analysis
Consecutive Increases Control
Reliable and easy to use

Estimate and optimize gas costs

Build in advanced gas functionality with same API that fuels MetaMask’s Gas Estimation feature.

Metamask developer center

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It’s easy to access the Gas API through Infura and start building. Explore the MetaMask Developer Center tutorial to learn more.

The Gas API is proven to work reliably, at high scale for MetaMask

Here’s how it might improve your development configuration.

Data Analysts

MetaMask has taken time to create a first-class EIP-1559 gas estimation that we expect to allow our users to have a great experience under any network conditions. EIP-1559 provides a way for users to avoid overpaying under normal conditions, and MetaMask's advanced mempool monitoring will help our users get transactions mined the fastest under volatile conditions, too.

Dan Finlay, Co-Founder & Lead Developer on MetaMask

Flex your skills with the Gas API that powers millions of users on MetaMask

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