After a successful private beta, Infura, the No. 1 blockchain development platform, is excited to announce that StarkNet is now available to all developers.

We invite builders to experience the ease of the fast transactions, low gas fees, and Ethereum-level security of StarkNet on Infura.

Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder of StarkNet, co-invented the technology behind ZK-STARKs and ZK-SNARKs, the two leading technologies underpinning the prominent ZK-rollups today.

The benefits of building with StarkNet

When you build with StarkNet and Infura, you have the assurance of building with the Web3 pioneers. StarkNet brings many benefits, including:

  • Scalability: Increased scalability with high throughput, as the result of the efficiency of STARK technology. The innovative zero-knowledge proof system uses cryptography to efficiently and transparently verify and prove transaction integrity.  StarkNet bundles data and processes transactions off-chain with STARK proofs that require very little computational power to verify, enabling scaling by orders of magnitude greater than other scaling solutions.
  • Security: Verification of dapp transactions takes place on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Simplicity: Easier builds and seamless user experience. Build any dapp you want, with any business logic, across multiple protocols, with the first ZK-rollup to have general-purpose smart contracts on a fully composable network.
  • Speed: StarkNet provides fast finality, potentially exceeding existing throughput levels by up to 3 times transactions per second (TPS). Withdrawals take minutes, not days.
  • Permissionless: StarkNet is non-custodial, involving none of the cost, risks and effort involved in maintaining a traditional custodial system.

New cases with an improved developer experience

Using StarkNet on the Infura platform makes new use cases possible. For example, developers with an Ethereum dapp using Solidity-based contracts can leverage Infura to route transactions to StarkNet. They use and compile the pre-defined Cairo contract that can be passed as input to Infura to deploy on StarkNet and interact with Ethereum from there. With the Infura StarkNet API, developers can leverage Infura standard JSON-RPC endpoints to communicate seamlessly with StarkNet.

Infura supports a multi-chain future

As an infrastructure provider of high-availability Web3 APIs for a variety of networks, Infura believes in a multi-chain future. We not only support Ethereum and IPFS, but also Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Palm, Avalanche, NEAR, Aurora, Filecoin, and now StarkNet, giving flexibility to developers, and allowing for maximum scale and performance of their decentralized applications.

Start building today

To get started, create a free account to experience building on StarkNet with Infura.

For more details on the Infura and StarkNet integration, visit our StarkNet product page.

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