We are excited to announce that we have added StarkNet to the Infura platform, expanding your menu of scalable solutions for faster and vastly cheaper transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem, so that you can pick the right choice for your unique project.

StarkNet, created by StarkWare, is a permissionless, decentralized zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup). It operates as an L2 network on Ethereum, enabling any dapp to achieve scalability without compromising composability and security. Access to StarkNet is made possible through the Pathfinder node built by Equilibrium.

The benefits you can expect from building with StarkNet on Infura include:

  • Scalability and low fees: Features like transaction aggregation enable efficient scalability and reduced gas costs.
  • Security: Verification of dapp transactions take place on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Speed: StarkNet provides fast finality, potentially out-performing other L2 rollups by 2-3X TPS.
  • Freedom from liability: StarkNet is non-custodial, involving none of the cost, risks and effort involved in maintaining a traditional custodial system.
  • Easier builds and better end-user experience: General-purpose smart contracts promote the deployment of any business logic and the network’s interoperable nature gives end-users a seamless experience.

Developers can now access the StarkNet network via Infura API endpoints and we support all RPC methods. This means that developers will now be able to implement their business logic of choice in a smart contract, and deploy it permissionlessly on StarkNet.

Right now, Infura is only making StarkNet available to a small group of users via our exclusive StarkWare StarkNet Private Beta. To register your interest, sign up to our private beta waitlist, HERE.

Steps to access once signed up:

1. Login into your Infura account https://infura.io/login.

2. Create a new project under the Ethereum product.

3.Select the StarkNet endpoints from the drop down list.

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If you have any problems please contact support by creating a ticket here.

This latest integration is another milestone that Infura can celebrate, as we work towards a multi-chain Web3 ecosystem that helps developers to build a decentralized future.