We recently heard from a few users who reported having received phishing emails that claimed to have originated from Infura. These hackers targeted victims by impersonating Infura and offering a malicious ETH2 staking service with high rewards. Infura does not currently offer any staking products and this is a scam.

Protect yourself from these scams:

  • Always confirm the legitimacy of an email by checking on the email address of the sender. The email domain should match our official website domains, infura.io or consensys.net
  • If in doubt, reach out to us at [email protected] to confirm new features or promotions
  • Be wary of any unexpected emails and offers that ask you to act quickly to get a reward
  • Refrain from connecting your crypto wallets to non-credible sites or sources
  • Never give anyone your seed phrase or passwords
  • Never click on links that you look suspicious to you
  • Install a commercial antivirus and browsing protection on your device


The Infura Team