Today we are very pleased to announce the private beta launch of a new and improved IPFS. Over the last four years, Infura has provided developers with a simplified access path to Ethereum and IPFS. In setting up the first public IPFS APIs and Gateway alongside our Ethereum API, we built a foundational Web3 development service for building decentralized applications. Despite facilitating access to IPFS, we have come to think of this as an alpha release.

Our new enhanced IPFS service expands on the current API functionality by offering a full Infura dashboard, more features to help you optimize usage, and dynamic scaling for developers with production ready applications. We also introduce authentication for API usage and metered billing, where you only pay for what you use above the free storage and bandwidth (5 GB storage, 5 GB upload and 5GB download).

With the interest in digital collectibles and art being at an all time high, we are excited to help this community grow and thrive. For more information on the updates to the IPFS service, and how to sign up, please click here.