Infura supports the Linea mainnet launch, making the newest zkEVM network available to the entire ecosystem.

Since its public testnet launch on March 28th, Linea has experienced tremendous growth in usage, recording over 40 million transactions and 5.4 million unique wallet addresses. Much of this success is due to Linea’s developer-centric approach that, facilitated by Infura's role as an RPC provider, allows access to the network for the greater Ethereum developer ecosystem. Linea also comes with native integrations with popular tools like MetaMask and Truffle to ensure builders can focus on shipping their innovations.

In Infura’s ongoing commitment to empower developers like you, we're excited to announce that Infura supports the launch of Linea on mainnet. This, coupled with the existing support for the Linea testnet, provides the web3 developer community with comprehensive access to the entire Linea ecosystem, a type 2 zkEVM.

The Linea testnet has already enabled efficient and cost-free testing of dapps and smart contracts using test goerli ETH. With this recent addition of Linea mainnet support, developers  now have the pathway to mainnet via Infura end-points once developers feel confident in their dapp's performance. This opens up opportunities for practical testing and real-world, user-end engagement for apps built on Ethereum.

Six reasons to be excited about Linea mainnet

Expanding possibilities with a thriving ecosystem: as you build with Linea on Infura, you'll discover a thriving ecosystem that fuels collaboration, creativity, and growth. Benefit from seamless integrations with popular tools, infrastructure partners, indexers, oracles, bridges, and development frameworks like Truffle and MetaMask. Linea is also fully EVM compatible, which means existing smart contracts on Ethereum can be seamlessly deployed on Linea without needing to re-write or audit them.

Unrivaled scalability: Linea's ZK-rollups enable you to process higher throughput than Ethereum mainnet per second, providing exceptional scalability for your dapps without compromising security.

Cost-effectiveness: With Linea's ZK-rollups, you can significantly reduce transaction costs for high-volume dapps such as decentralized exchanges and NFT marketplaces, making them more accessible to users and driving widespread adoption.

Fast finality: Transactions executed in the zkEVM execution environment on Linea achieve faster finality, ensuring swift confirmation and settlement on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby enhancing the overall security of your dapps and enabling users to trustlessly move assets cross-chain in minutes.

Develop with confidence. Infura’s got you covered: Infura's robust infrastructure and developer-friendly tools, including our seamless integration with Linea, ensure that you can embark on your development journey with confidence. Our commitment to providing a reliable, scalable, and high-performance platform sets the stage for your success.

Embrace a multi-chain future: Infura is not only committed to supporting Linea but also believes in a multi-chain future. Our platform currently offers support for Ethereum and a range of other networks providing you with the flexibility and scalability you need to maximize the potential of your dapps. Embrace a world of possibilities and explore the diverse opportunities presented by different blockchain networks.

Start building on Linea with Infura

We invite you to experience the power of Linea and Infura. Create an Infura account today to access Linea seamlessly through the platform.

Discover how the robust Infura infrastructure and developer tooling will elevate your projects and accelerate your dapp’s success.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be publishing a series of tutorials with step-by-step instructions to help you seamlessly connect to Linea mainnet via Infura.

Already using Infura? Check out the Infura-Linea docs to get started here.