Start using Infura Transactions (ITX) on Mainnet today!

Infura Transactions (ITX) is the easiest way to send Ethereum transactions that mitigates many of the complexities around gas fees and transaction management.

Our on-chain flow lets you pay your ITX fees using ETH, no credit card needed.

To get started as a new user, you can simply deposit ETH into our on-chain smart contract. The ITX relaying system detects the on-chain deposit and then increments your gas tank. When the gas tank is filled, you can send up a transaction request and ITX will guarantee it is mined in the Ethereum blockchain in a timely manner and at the best price. See our docs for specific details on the ITX relay fee structure.

Off-chain ITX Credits coming soon!

Stay tuned as we will soon be adding support for ITX Credits. ITX Credits will enable you to purchase transaction credits directly in your Infura dashboard using a credit card. This means you can send Ethereum transactions with all the features of ITX and the added benefit of not having to manage on-chain ETH.

Only a limited number of developers will be admitted into the alpha, so submit your request to be considered. Subscribe or check our community for future updates.

Help shape Infura Transactions for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card

As we continue to build out ITX, we want to make sure you're able to pay for the feature in a way that makes the most sense for you. By filling out this three minute survey, you'll have your say about how you'd like to pay for ITX, and what aspects of the service you're most interested in.

Your time is super valuable, so to thank you for your contribution, all completed surveys will go into the draw to win a $500 Amazon gift card 💳

Tuning into EthDenver?

Make sure you check out our super ambitious Infura bounty! 👇

Bring Uniswap and ITX closer together 🧡🦄🧡

🏆 Prize: $1500 🏆

To win this bounty, we challenge you to build a new website that allows a user to swap tokens on Uniswap via Infura Transaction Service (ITX). The user should not require any ETH upfront or a pre-deposit on ITX to use the service. Instead, the relayer (you!) should pay the network fee up front and then get refunded via the swap’s output. For example, if the user swaps DAI to ETH, then the relayer takes a slice of the ETH to cover the cost (and some profit too).

We are applying for a Unigrant to support the development of this project after the EthDenver hackathon. Assuming the grant is successful and the winning team delivers an exciting MVP, then there should be a larger bounty available to bring the relayer-enabled exchange to production (and/or hopefully integrated into the Uniswap interface). Of course, all code should be open-source and as you will soon see, we have designed ITX to have minimal integration-specific components such that the final router contract will not be aware of ITX at all and it is easy to swap out ITX with another relay service.

So let’s stop stuck transactions (Uniswap swaps) together!


A presentation by Infura's Patrick McCorry at ETHDenver: "Infura Transaction Relays for Better UX"

Access Our Eth2 API Public Beta!

The future of Ethereum is here! If you want to analyze the state of the Eth2 Beacon Chain and increase the reliability of your Eth2 validator setup, you can get beta access to our Eth2 API here.

*Note: project IDs used during the Eth2 private beta will no longer work after 4/1/21. New Eth2 users as well as those who participated in the Eth2 private beta should create a new project ID specific to Eth2.

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