Web3’s number one developer platform, now for NFTs.

NFTs are a powerful new form of digital media, merging technology and art unlike ever before. NFTs offer creators a whole new way to monetize directly with their fans. In 2021, NFTs were the driving force behind the mass social and cultural adoption of Web3: the estimated NFT creator revenue in 2021 was $3.9 billion USD by 22,400 creators, averaging $174K per creator.

At Infura, we want to continue empowering creators and developers to unlock the creative power of this emergent technology and today we’re thrilled to announce our NFT API Beta Release.

We are calling on all NFT developers to join our free private beta and be part of making the most powerful NFT API yet. You can register to be part of the beta here.

The Infura NFT API Beta

The Infura NFT API beta is a comprehensive set of features that will help developers accelerate their time to value, whether it is minting and transacting on their NFTs or getting the information that they need about NFT’s such as the metadata, owner information for authenticating the NFTs they want to own and more.

With the beta version of the Infura NFT API, developers and creators can easily build and verify digital assets, as well as create metadata templates, enabling them to customize and mint NFTs within minutes.

And to ensure our beta develops into the most powerful solution on the market, it will be used internally to power other ConsenSys services like CNFT and MetaMask.

“Infura NFT provides a scalable foundation for our CNFT platform, which will allow us to bridge the next millions of users into Web3.”

- Johnna Powell, Co-Lead, ConsenSys NFT

“Infura NFT will help us delight our customers by providing the scalability and performance that is needed to power the NFT experience that our users have come to expect from MetaFi.“

- Kai Huang, Product Manager, MetaMask

To learn more about the beta version and see the Infura NFT API in action, check out this tutorial by Infura Developer Advocate, Chris Anatalio here.  You can deep dive into the technical specs of the API in our documentation here.

We want you to be part of building the future of NFT technology and hope you join our private beta program.

The Infura NFT API Beta Program

The Infura NFT API Private Beta offers developers the chance to be part of a comprehensive beta with a full service offering and resources that include:

•  NFT metadata from any ERC-721 token: royalties, sales, prices, mints

•  SDKs and developer resources for agile development to get to market faster

•  Integrated with Truffle Box for extendable NFT smart contracts and functionality

•  Audited SDK smart contracts by ConsenSys Diligence to eliminate code vulnerabilities

•  Bonus Loot Box with code samples, tutorials, and starter projects to enhance NFT development skills

Build The Future of NFTs With Us

The Infura NFT API beta is just getting started. Our mission is to give developers a comprehensive development platform where they can access and aggregate cross-chain data, and mint NFT collections to multiple networks with one integrated product.

The Infura NFT API is the first of many advancements we’re working on to ensure the platform always includes the tooling builders need to bring their innovation to the world.

We welcome you again to be part of creating the future of NFT technology alongside us and encourage you to sign up for beta today. Thank you for being part of our community!