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We hope everyone is having another safe and productive month. Over at Infura, we’ve been furiously preparing for some important launches that will expand Infura’s Web3.0 suite. Some launches we can’t talk about quite yet (stay tuned!) but we can talk about one of the exciting projects we’re building support for, Eth 2.0.

In this month’s update, you’ll find an update on our Beacon Chain API (and how to apply for it), a recap of the recent IPFS Pinning Summit (ICYMI), how to create a Compound smart contract API with Infura, and more.

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Eth 2.0 is coming - and so is our Beacon Chain API Private Beta!

Last Chance to Apply For Invite-Only Access

In preparation for the launch of Ethereum 2.0, we’ve planned a limited time private beta release of Infura’s Eth2 Beacon Chain API. We are limiting access to a small set of users to help refine the product before making it more widely available. If you want the chance to help shape our Eth2 testnet API, apply now and register your interest. Documentation will be sent out directly to users who are accepted into the beta.

New Webinar: Creating a Compound Smart Contract API with Infura

Our good friends at ConsenSys Academy are hosting bi-weekly livestreams for developers and crypto-curious who want to dive into the code, tools, products, and ideas driving innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Last week, Infura’s Sean Brennan and Compound’s Adam Bavosa hosted a livestream webinar where they reviewed the concepts and code required to build your own API to invoke Compound protocol smart contracts using conventional HTTP requests, with Infura as the bridge between the Ethereum network and your application. For those of you who are not familiar, Compound is an interest rate protocol for supplying and borrowing crypto assets on Ethereum.

You can view the recording here:

Safely Scaling Open Finance Networks with Hybrid Infrastructure

Over the past four years, Gnosis has emerged as an industry leader in Ethereum-based open finance, trusted by enterprises, developers, and crypto users alike. Hoping to provide a seamless end-user experience and ensure that their infrastructure is maximally decentralized and resilient, the Gnosis team transitioned from fully self-hosting their nodes to a hybrid solution with Infura’s API service. This hybrid approach gives them the flexibility to verify their transactions and run their own nodes for complex queries, while also reducing the cost of infrastructure and increasing network stability. Read more about it here.

What you missed at IPFS Pinning Summit

We were thrilled to participate in this first ever (virtual) IPFS Pinning Summit this month. Here’s a quick recap of our presentation where we shared the past, present, and future for IPFS as an essential component of Infura’s Web3 development suite. Stay tuned for more news on our premium IPFS service to come!

Ethereal Virtual Summit Recap

The Ethereal Summit went virtual on May 7th and 8th with 2 days of keynotes, panels and roundtable discussions and 100+ speakers. Our Developer Relations Lead Sean Brennan presented a demo of Versus: our open-source API benchmarking tool that compares your workload across different node implementations and Web3 providers. Sean demonstrates how Versus works, and shares test parameters and results so others can conduct their own tests using Versus.

Check out the recording here:

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