We launched the private beta of our Avalanche Contract Chain (C-Chain) endpoints in July this year, and have seen strong usage, with great feedback from our community. Now, we are ready to offer Infura’s API for Avalanche C-Chain to all users for free!

With this addition, Infura now supports 11 networks (and will continue to add more networks) including Ethereum, IPFS, Filecoin, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, StarkNet, Palm, NEAR and Aurora.

Avalanche has become one of the leading Layer 1 platforms since launching in September 2020, making transactions cheaper, faster and more reliable. Developers of smart contracts may find the Avalanche C-Chain interesting, as it focuses entirely on smart contracts to boost performance, rather than spreading its focus over multiple functions like most other blockchains. The C-Chain is one of three chains comprising Avalanche's Primary Network, and is also EVM-compatible, allowing for easy Ethereum dapp migration to Avalanche for scale. Furthermore, it’s poised to become a major network for facilitating DeFi protocols, because of its advanced scalability with a throughput of 4,500 transactions per second, lower transaction costs that are a fraction of Ethereum's, sub-second finality, and robust security.

Infura has always put the developer at the center of everything we do. The first to bring easy Ethereum access to developers with a standard JSON-RPC API, Infura removes the complexity and high cost associated with self-hosting an Ethereum node. Our mission is to grow the ecosystem for everyone and make it easy for developers to build the next innovative application. Over the past year, we have focused our efforts on expanding our multi-chain offerings, so that we can provide value for developers wherever you are building.

That’s why we’re working with Avalanche to create a powerful solution that enables the next wave of DeFi dapps in the marketplace. Through Infura’s C-Chain API, you’ll have instant access to all of Avalanche C-Chain’s benefits - high throughput, fast transaction speed, consistent uptime, high programmability, compatibility with all your favorite Ethereum tools, decentralization, and sound security, with substantially lower costs.

With Infura's C-Chain APIs, you can seamlessly access and communicate with Avalanche C-Chain with a few clicks in the same familiar Infura developer portal. With only one API key, you can access multiple networks beyond Avalanche C-Chain on your Infura plan, without paying a premium for add-ons. As part of the ConsenSys family, Infura developers also have access to the leading Web3 development stack that includes the Truffle development framework, Diligence security tools, and MetaMask wallet to help you build, test, deploy, and secure your dapps.  

Start building with Avalanche + Infura. Sign up for a free Infura account today.