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This month's roundup brings you access to our Eth2 API, new developer tutorials, a look into how Uniswap and DeversiFi are handling their applications' data demands, and early access to CodeFi Compliance.

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Our Eth2 API is live - Come test with us!

Our Eth2 API is live and ready for testing! If you want the chance to help shape our Eth2 testnet API, apply now and register your interest. Documentation will be sent out directly to users who are accepted into the beta.

New Developer Tutorials!

Ethereum Javascript Libraries: web3.js vs. ethers.js

Check out our technical guide covering web3.js and ethers.js, the two most popular JavaScript libraries for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. We breakdown their similarities and differences, so that you can better understand the nuances of the libraries. It is written with the intent of educating developers to understand the tradeoffs between the two libraries to be able to make a decision of which library to use for their particular use case.

Querying your Eth2 validator balance with the Infura API

If you’re staking on Ethereum 2.0, it will be important to monitor validator balances in order to verify that rewards are accruing as expected. Check out our new tutorial that shows you how to query validator balances programmatically with the Infura Eth2 API.

How Infura Helps Uniswap Meet Their Interface’s Data Demands

With the recent launch of V2 of their protocol, Uniswap is eager to attract greater liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem, and in so doing, more users and integrations. Infura’s easy integration and ability to handle Uniswap’s high volume of requests have made it the ideal infrastructure solution for Uniswap’s increasingly popular DeFi protocol. Check out how we're helping Uniswap meet their interface’s data demands.

The new DeversiFi, powered by StarkWare, is now live!

Infura and Consensys are honored to be members of DeversiFi’s Data Availability Committee (DAC) — adding a further layer of security and trust for users.

Learn more about DeversiFi's recent upgrade and the Data Availability Committee.

Early Access to CodeFi Compliance

Are you interested in API and dashboard tools to help you conduct compliance analysis of blockchain addresses, and manage compliance for verified transactions? If so, our colleagues at Codefi have just launched a private beta for their product, Codefi Compliance: a platform for managing compliance oversight and risk for Ethereum based digital assets, transactions and accounts in real-time.

Some things you can do:

  • Adjust compliance settings according to jurisdiction and manage global operations from a single account;
  • Filter by label, identified attributes, transaction compliance, and risk level;
  • Track asset activities, user behavior, transactions and fund flow;
  • View data analysis for spot trends;

Through our relationship with Codefi, we're able to offer Infura users invitations to gain early access 🎉Schedule a call with the Codefi team to get set up. Happy testing!

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