Thanks for joining for a quick update on our our development progress at Infura. Here are some of the latest releases and improvements that are now available for our Ethereum and IPFS APIs.

Websocket API improvements for logs subscriptions

In March, we announced an update to the Websocket newHeads subscription here, This month, we have released the same improvements to the ‘logs’ subscription type.

Developers using the Websocket logs subscription will now have 100% consistent data responses, no timeout issues, and full support for reorged blocks. If you haven’t started using our Websocket subscriptions, check out the docs here,

In addition, improvements in our implementation have brought new efficiencies in handling logs overall, so we’re happy to announce we’ve raised the limit on eth_getLogs results to 10,000 logs and events per request.

Open source project, go-ethlibs, is live!

We are building out our internal open source culture and are excited to release the go-ethlibs project, available here, Go-ethlibs is a sandbox repository of various in-progress helpers that we use within our infrastructure and will continue to work on in the open. The following are available today in the repo:

  • eth: Helpers for serializing/deserializing Ethereum JSONRPC types
  • jsonrpc: JSONRPC request and response parsing
  • node: A proto-ethclient in the node namespace
  • rlp: Independent implementation of RLP parsing

Some of this work is “clean-room” rewrites of pieces inside of go-ethereum utilizing a more permissive license (MIT) which will hopefully help other companies and developers to not have to duplicate this effort. We are looking forward to seeing creative applications of these libraries.

Other updates

We are continuing to make major updates and improvements to our IPFS endpoint. We have solved issues some users were reporting with regards to 502 and 504 errors. We are also working actively with the Protocol Labs team to improve the go-ipfs client and overall IPFS functionality, which will allow us to provide a better service and increase the usability of the client for all operators. More updates coming soon.

The feedback and questions posted to our community site at have been incredibly valuable in helping us find areas for improvement, thank you to everyone reporting issues and asking questions. We are working every day to help grow that community and make it a go-to place for Web3 developers to find helpful information. Stop by anytime to ask questions, help other developers, or just to check out the activity.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned, we have a big release coming and will be announcing that shortly.