Today, we are proud to announce our participation as a Light Feed Oracle Provider for the Maker Community.

To increase the security of the Maker Protocol as MakerDAO moves toward complete decentralization, Maker Governance recently reviewed and discussed Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) to add four “Light” Feeds to the existing Oracle group. Having multiple Feeds pull price data from many sources helps ensure price accuracy, data credibility, and builds trust in the Maker Protocol.

As part of the MIP10c14-SP2 Proposal, Maker has appointed Infura as a trusted oracle light feed provider to join an already robust group of stakeholders within the Maker Community, including the Maker Foundation, dYdX, 0x, TokenSets (formerly Set Protocol), Gnosis, Kyber, Etherscan, and Gitcoin.

“We are excited by Maker’s process of decentralizing what has become a systemically critical piece of the Web3 ecosystem. At Infura, we bring our strong infrastructure capabilities, experience, and reputation to further contribute to this decentralization."

-Michael Wuehler, Co-Founder, Infura

Learn more about the Maker Improvement Proposals and how you can participate in Maker Governance to empower decentralization.