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This month’s roundup brings you new Web3 development tutorials, the chance to win $500 ETH, first dibs on our invite-only Eth2 testnet beta and more. Read on  👀

Eth 2.0 is coming - and so is our multi-client testnet Beacon Chain API Beta!

Apply Now For Invite-Only Access

In preparation for the launch of Ethereum 2.0, we’re planning a limited time release of Infura’s beta version Eth2 multi-client testnet API. This version will provide a Beacon Chain API and will be available by invite-only to a select group of existing Infura users. We are limiting this to a small set of users to help refine the product before making it more widely available. If you want the chance to help shape our Eth2 testnet API and utilize it for free, apply now and register your interest. Documentation will be sent out directly to users who are accepted into the beta.

New Web3 Tutorials Are Up!

Want to learn how to display real-time Ethereum data in a frontend? We show you just how easy it can be, using Infura and the Subspace library from the Status ‘Embark’ Project. Check out our latest tutorial.

State and Payment: Power Up Your App Using JS & Infura

Earlier this month, we participated in a livestream with Uniswap and ConsenSys Academy to walk through the process of developing responsive React frontends that take advantage of real-time Ethereum data and transactions. Our Developer Relations Lead Sean Brennan guided viewers through using Javascript, web3-react, and Infura in concert, while Ian Lapham from Uniswap shared code examples and key insights from his frontend team.
Missed the livestream? Don’t worry, you can view it here.

Improve Infura For Your Chance to Win $500 ETH!

Developers like you are always sharing ideas to help improve Infura - and we want to reward you for it. Help make our platform richer by contributing to our 2020 roadmap via this survey, and help us tailor products, support, and pricing more directly to your needs.

We know your time is precious. To show our appreciation for your constructive input, every Infura user who completes this survey will enter a draw to win a $500 worth of ETH, DAI or an Amazon Gift Card of equivalent value.

How to Save Time on DevOps and Scale With Infura: Lessons from Leading Ethereum Dapps

We have been taking the time to chat with some of our power users to understand more about how they utilize Infura’s cloud-hosted infrastructure to power the applications. Explore the range of ways that Ethereum development teams have been able to optimize their Infura usage to save time, money, and engineering resources across Crypto-Finance, Gaming and Dapp Development use cases.

Ethereal Virtual Summit is next week!

The Ethereal Summit is going virtual this year on May 7th and 8th to stream a hotly anticipated lineup of web3 speakers live to your living room! Register for your FREE ticket to access 2 days of keynotes, panels and roundtable discussions and 100+ speakers from the comfort of your couch. On Day 2, Infura’s Sean Brennan will demo Versus: our new open-source API benchmarking tool that lets you compare your workload across different node implementations and Web3 providers.

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