We at Infura are thrilled to have been part of the recently concluded Asia-Pacific arm of the Polygon DevX Global tour, a momentous journey that showcased the power and versatility of Polygon's L2 solution for the Ethereum community.

As the leading infrastructure provider for developers building dapps on the Polygon network, Infura helped enable this tour's success to foster community growth in the APAC region.

We met with over 1,000 developers in person as the tour ran from March 25th to April 30th, spanning nine cities in the APAC region: Seoul (Korea), Hong Kong (China), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Tokyo (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan), Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Polygon x Infura APAC partnership

The APAC tour is an essential part of Polygon's DevX Global tour, aimed at fostering collaboration within the Ethereum ecosystem and promoting the growth and adoption of Ethereum and its associated technologies.

Infura was a regional partner for the APAC tour with the goal to educate the web3 developers in this region through workshops and presentations, as well as provide them with the core infrastructure required to create innovative dapps during the hackathons. Infura supported developers with the following:

The APAC region has a vibrant and growing web3 community and this partnership supported increased growth of 155%, by showing developers what’s possible and how they can leverage Infura tools to not only build, but to scale their dapps.

Activation Highlights across APAC

Nine meetups took place as part of the APAC tour, starting from Seoul, South Korea to Hong Kong, China, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan, Singapore and finally Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Hong Kong meetup was a success, with about 80 participants in attendance. Hong Kong is charting its own web3 path despite China’s anti-crypto stance. The recent policy changes by the Hong Kong government have been a positive step forward for the crypto and web3 development industry.

Infura x Polygon Hong Kong meetup
Infura x Polygon Hong Kong meetup

Vietnam's web3 ecosystem is also thriving, with community meetups taking place almost every week. During the recent Infura x Polygon APAC tour meet up had around 60 people in attendance. Prior to the tour, there were multiple meetups featuring prominent companies like Base, Aptos, the Ethereum Foundation, and Sky Mavis, all taking place in the same week.

Infura x Polygon Vietnam meetup
Infura x Polygon Vietnam meetup

The enthusiasm and energy exhibited by the developer community in Vietnam has been inspiring, indicating significant potential for blockchain technology and web3 growth and adoption in the country.

The government and the wider community's support further underlines the bright future of blockchain in Vietnam.

Infura x Polygon: a long-standing partnership

The history of Polygon and Infura goes back to the early days of crypto, before web3 was web3. Polygon's story is a great example of how Infura is committed to supporting developers by providing the core infrastructure they need to build blockchain applications.

Several years ago, Jaynti Kanani, one of Polygon's founders, approached the Infura team as a student working on a blockchain project called Dagger. The Infura team immediately recognized the potential of his work and provided him with a special, free student account so he could continue building out his idea using Infura’s Ethereum API access.

Fast forward nearly eight years and Polygon’s impact on the web3 ecosystem has been undeniable. Today, Polygon is one of the leading side-chains in web3, supporting thousands of developers and dapps. The scaling solutions they've been able to build using Infura have contributed enormously to Ethereum's growth, making Polygon a great addition to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Since Infura launched the Polygon API in 2021, the network on Infura has grown 65% to date. We are proud to be a part of Polygon's success and to play a role in advancing the web3 ecosystem. Infura's commitment to support developers at any stage of their web3 development journey, from ideation to product-market fit, is more important than ever.

The close relationship between Polygon and Infura demonstrates how partnerships in the blockchain space can lead to innovation and growth, and we look forward to continuing to work together for years to come to advance the web3 ecosystem.

Stay tuned: more Polygon x Infura innovations coming soon

The recent Asia-Pacific leg of the Polygon DevX Global tour was a great success in demonstrating the power and versatility of Polygon's L2 solution for Ethereum.

Infura played a significant role in driving community growth in the APAC region as the leading infrastructure partner for developers creating dapps on the Polygon network.

This close partnership between Polygon and Infura is a testament to the importance of collaborations in driving innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

To stay for more innovations to come like Infura’s forthcoming product release, Polygon Websocket. And be sure to participate in the Infura bounties part of the DevX Global tour hackathon running May 1st to 21st with over $125K in bounties available for 250 projects. Five winners will be selected from the APAC region to participate in the invite-only Polygon Connect. Sign up here.