Following the Dencun upgrade, Infura is deprecating its Goerli endpoints. Learn how to migrate to Sepolia and use the Infura ETH Sepolia faucet for continued support.

Following the successful activation of the Dencun upgrade on Ethereum mainnet, the Ethereum Foundation has officially announced the sunset date for the Goerli testnet as April 13.

In line with this announcement roadmap, Infura will officially deprecate all support for Goerli testnets by April 10. We encourage all Infura users and developers to migrate their testnet operations to Sepolia, as nearly all Goerli validators are no longer operational, which can lead to transaction failures.

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience for those who have been using the Goerli testnet and rely on Infura endpoints. Not to worry - the Infura team is committed to supporting everyone through this migration.

Why migrating to Sepolia is important for your dapp

  • Enhanced Testing Environment: Sepolia provides an up-to-date testing environment that closely mirrors the mainnet. This means developers can benefit from a more robust and reliable testing environment for their dapps.
  • Continued Support: We plan to continue providing comprehensive guides and dedicated support to ensure a smooth transition for all users. 
  • Future-proof Operations: By migrating to Sepolia, users can future-proof their operations and ensure they use the most up-to-date and supported testnet.

Supported networks

Below are the endpoints for each L2 network supported by Infura:

Ethereum Sepolia

Linea Sepolia

Arbitrum Sepolia

Optimism Sepolia

Blast Sepolia

Polygon Amoy

Starknet Sepolia

Next steps for web3 developers: Infura Sepolia faucet available

Ready to make the switch? Head to the Infura Sepolia faucet to access testnet ETH and benefit from an enhanced testing environment. Update your dapp configuration by switching your RPC endpoints from Goerli to Sepolia. For further assistance, contact our support team