Cryptocurrency exchanges and token swaps usually require buyers and sellers to create liquidity. Uniswap is a protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that helps solve decentralized exchanges’ liquidity problem by creating these token swap markets automatically. The protocol pools token liquidity on-chain in smart contracts so that DeFi users can make trades against the reserves at any time. In terms of daily trading volume, Uniswap has emerged as one of the most active protocols in the DeFi ecosystem and is now sending around 30 million requests per day.

Since Uniswap’s launch to mainnet in 2018, the team has used the Infura API suite to meet the data demands of the exchange’s interface. Uniswap uses Infura as the go-to provider for connecting to MetaMask and also for querying information when a user has not connected a wallet to the Uniswap exchange. Infura’s easy integration and ability to handle Uniswap’s high volume of requests have made it the ideal infrastructure solution for Uniswap’s increasingly popular DeFi protocol.

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