An updated and improved dashboard, with operational analytics and threshold notifications are here to improve the Web3 developer experience.

Since Day 1, we have strived to make building applications on Web3 accessible to everyone. Our aim is to help people change the world and we don’t want their tools getting in the way of their creativity. That’s why we’re constantly innovating Infura to be the best platform possible for developers to focus on what matters most: building innovation with cutting-edge products.

With Infura as their infrastructure foundation, developers are free to improve user experience, observe what matters for scalability, and build dapps that disrupt traditional industries.

Our latest update to our platform includes three new features - an improved visual dashboard, operational analytics, and notifications.  

What’s new?

Improving the developer experience starts with a visual interface that is intuitive and allows developers to be creative. With this in mind, we’ve revamped the platform dashboard for a frictionless UI to make navigation effortless. A calm mind is a creative mind. Here, you can manage everything from updating your account profile to getting a quick overview of your project performance.

Operational analytics is another improved feature of the Infura platform, to ensure data is never wasted and your operations are based on data-driven decisions. Monitor and optimize your application performance with up-to-the-minute data on API requests by method, network, and volume. Understand your dapp’s transaction trends with contract address interactions and diagnose issues on your backend with error codes.

Notifications take your data insights a step further by keeping you informed as demand increases. Sit back and let the platform monitor and alert you proactively so you can scale to meet demand. Receive email notifications before you hit threshold limits — 75%, 85%, 100%  — on your daily API requests.

350,000 developers access Web3 via Infura

More than 350,000 developers trust Infura for accessing Ethereum, IPFS and Layer 2 (L2) networks, up 250% in less than a year. We are seeing 13% of our total network requests come from L2s, indicating an increasing demand for Ethereum scaling solutions.

This growth indicates an increase in Web3 adoption among developers and end-users with new dapps being built with Infura that were once unimaginable and solidifies our position as Web3’s No. 1 blockchain development platform.

Welcoming new Web3 projects and Web2 developers

We provide the critical infrastructure behind major DeFi players such as Uniswap, MakerDAO, and the world’s most popular decentralized wallet, MetaMask. Infura also supports NFT projects such as Palm (with HENI by Damien Hirst), Sorare, and Async Art to name a few.

Now we’re excited to see emerging Web3 projects using our platform that are disrupting other traditional industries such as energy, social media and law. This includes decentralized energy solution provider, Energy Web Foundation, decentralized messaging tool for Facebook and Twitter, Mask Network, and Kleros, a Web3 protocol for arbitration, and more. We spoke to some customers directly to understand just how we are bringing their ideas to life.

“Energy Web uses Infura to power the nodes of the Energy Web Chain-to-Ethereum bridge. The 2,000 users of the bridge rely on the nodes to work in order to facilitate the flow of tokens. Infura has provided stellar service reliability and uptime.” - Micha Roon, Chief Innovation Officer of Energy Web Foundation.

"Decentraland is a virtual social world created, owned and governed by its users. This is the very definition of the Metaverse – a shared virtual ecosystem driven by community. Infura has powered the platform's backend since Day 1 with critical infrastructure that's helped it scale." - Adam de Cata, Head Of Partnerships at Decentraland Foundation.

“Kleros is creating a justice system for the Metaverse. Infura is a key partner to move smoothly and swiftly so we can build this future.” - Federico Ast, Founder of Kleros.

Helping Web2 developers easily make the switch in Web3 is also a key focus. As a core product of ConsenSys, Infura offers blockchain training and continuous education through the ConsenSys Academy to ensure our developer ecosystem is supported and never stops growing.

We are grateful to our developers and will continue to foster and grow the Web3 community, making it as easy as possible to build on Web3 with product improvements and access to Ethereum education. We at Infura are honored to help developers on your journey.

Start building on Web3 today for free!