Partnering with Horizon Games To Power a New Dimension of Gaming

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Executive Summary

Horizon is a blockchain infrastructure company pioneering a new dimension of gaming that belongs to its players and creators.

SkyWeaver is one of Horizon's flagship games: an amazingly fun and fast-paced trading card game with unprecedented player benefits of ownership, trade and a novel play-to-earn competitive leaderboard. The game is free-to-play and consists of 500 unique collectible cards that players can assemble into a deck and jump into a 1v1 multiplayer duel with someone around the globe. These are not just your ordinary cards as found in traditional titles like MTG Arena or Hearthstone — the SkyWeaver cards are Ethereum ERC-1155 tokens, which means they cross into a new realms of digital cards with real world ownership and trade.

"We want to express our gratitude to the Infura team and are proud to partner with Infura as our Ethereum node provider as SkyWeaver moves into production ops."
Peter Kieltyka Headshot
Peter Kieltyka
CEO and Chief Architect


There were significant engineering demands needed to battle-test these systems in order to achieve widespread adoption. That meant that Horizon would need to divert time and engineering resources away from SkyWeaver in order to operate and manage their own Ethereum public nodes.

Delivering Experience, Scale and Operational Excellence

Horizon chose Infura as their infrastructure provider due to the team's expertise and proven ability to handle this degree of scale. Infura’s balance of community values and operational experience made Infura the most natural fit and extension of Horizon.

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