Scaling DEX Aggregator Infrastructure with Infura

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Executive Summary

ParaSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that optimizes swaps for users through better prices, limited gas fees, and lower slippage. ParaSwap sources their liquidity from major DEXes such as Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Kyber, in addition to ParaSwapPool, their professional Market Maker network. ParaSwap is free to use and users can interact with it directly on the ParaSwap interface or through wallets such as Argent, Monolith, and Metamask.

ParaSwap’s v3 was launched in February 2021 with a brand new UI, highly optimized smart contracts, and a robust suite of dApp services. Now, traders and dapps can benefit from ParaSwap’s state-of-the-art Plug & Play API, easy-to-use SDK, and performant set of smart contracts for both off-chain and on-chain integrations.


Before integrating with Infura, ParaSwap was using their own in-house infrastructure, which quickly proved to be very challenging to maintain and scale. Achieving the equivalent performance without a service like Infura would have required full-time team members tasked with scaling and maintaining full nodes.


In order to stay focused on their core technical challenges, ParaSwap chose Infura for their infrastructure needs. Using Infura’s APIs and Archive Node data, ParaSwap is able to source on-chain prices (the most vital part of their system), query user balances, and track the state of user transactions.

“Infura was the obvious choice when it came to scaling our system and improving its performance because of their solid reputation within the Ethereum community and because of their track-record in successfully supporting so many major actors in the DeFi ecosystem over the years. Moreover, ever since our first contact with Infura’s team we were always pleasantly surprised by the 5-star support we’ve received: amazing response time, highly skilled team, and solution-oriented people.”
Mounir Benchemled

Infura’s robust infrastructure has helped ParaSwap provide a stable and performant service during several traffic-spikes, such as Black Thursday in March 2020. Additionally, Infura gracefully handles millions of API calls per day without requiring any effort on the dApp developer side, ensuring that the builders can rightfully spend their time building features for their end users. With Infura’s help, the ParaSwap team is now providing the best response time among competing aggregators, averaging 0.5 seconds while sourcing prices from over 25 decentralized exchanges!

“Overall, it’s really important for our community to have access to highly reliable tools with simple integration like Infura so we can focus on building and bringing our ideas to fruition quickly and easily.”

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