Join the Early Access Program for the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN)

Be a part of history in using and/or building decentralized blockchain API access

Join the Early Access Program for the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN)

Calling all Web3 RPC users and infrastructure providers who are interested in the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN). Together, we will discover how the power of community can foster a dynamic decentralized infrastructure ecosystem, where diverse Web3 providers come together and work to enable seamless user experiences. We at Infura are excited to start the next phase of our vision towards progressive decentralization and for you to join us on this historic journey.

What is the vision of the decentralized infrastructure ecosystem? 

- Decentralized-remote-procedure-call as a service (dRPC-as-a-Service). 

- DIN is a decentralized and robust network of infrastructure providers capable of serving blockchain APIs with high throughput and performance with no single point of failure.

- DIN ensures users across the world can seamlessly access the information and services they need without outages and downtime due to no single point of failure.

- DIN believes in long-term viability of Web3 by doing our part to advance progressive decentralization and the Web3 tech stack.

Who should fill out this form?

- Those with interest in using progressively decentralizing blockchain APIs

- Those with experience running blockchain infrastructure at scale.


Fill out the form. We will be in touch about access to our features. If you are a provider, we will reach out to begin the process of testing infrastructure, as we have availability. Thank you for being part of advancing Web3!