The Path To Scalability

The Path To Scalability

The stories of 10 Web3 companies and their paths to scalability with Infura

The Path to Scalability tells the stories of 10 Web3 companies and how they’re using Infura to scale their business. From pioneering projects like MetaMask and Uniswap, to emerging use cases, this book shows the challenges blockchain businesses must overcome to scale and how the Infura platform provides the solutions. 

Find out how Energy Web overcame the challenges of building their bridging solution, how Decentraland designed their multi-node infrastructure, and how Mask Network successfully relaunched their ITO, all using Infura. 

After reading this book you’ll not only have a stronger perspective of just how diverse the Web3 ecosystem is by vertical: DeFi, governance, energy, and more, you’ll understand how Infura can support your business too.

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