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Dynamically scale your dapp and accelerate innovation without worrying about Ethereum infrastructure.

More than 400,000 developers trust Infura

Join thousands of developers in a mission to put power in the hands of creators in the decentralized economy. You will be in good company with successful ventures such as Uniswap and MakerDao who started building for free on Infura.

300k developers on Infura

Accelerate your Web3 development

Make sure your operations are in shipshape

Access actionable insights and optimize your projects via an intuitive dashboard. Monitor your project performance with up-to-the-minute data on API requests by method, network and volume. Sit back and let the platform alert you proactively so you can scale to meet demand and prevent failed requests.


Get quick and reliable access to the Ethereum network

Powered by a cutting-edge microservice-driven architecture, our API provides instant access over HTTPS and WebSockets to the Ethereum network. Ensure transactions go through smoothly and quickly at the best prices with Infura Transactions (ITX), the only solution for gas price and transaction management.

More about our Ethereum API

Connect seamlessly to distributed secure storage

Built for speed and simplicity, our high availability API connects applications of all sizes to a decentralized and scalable storage on IPFS. Your content will always be pinned, immutable and instantly available, even when you go offline. Our API is compatible with common tools, libraries and frameworks.

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Building on Ethereum is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Blockchain has inspired complete novices to established businesses to create new ways of thinking. Let Infura be a part of your journey.

  • Students and Beginners
  • Native Crypto Projects
  • Enterprises

Powering the most influential projects across Web3

Whether you are building a DAO, decentralized exchange or NFT platform, you can count on Infura for your critical infrastructure and scaling solution.

  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Social Media

What customers are saying...

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“Energy Web uses Infura to power the nodes of the Energy Web Chain-to-Ethereum bridge. The 2,000 users of the bridge rely on the nodes to work in order to facilitate the token flows. Infura has provided stellar service reliability and uptime.”

Micha Roon, Chief Innovation Officer, Energy Web Foundation

Micha Roon

Chief Innovation Officer, Energy Web Foundation

Build, test and deploy with the leading Web3 stack

Developers using Infura have access to the best-in-class tech stack and seamless integration with Web3’s most popular decentralized wallet, MetaMask.

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Detect vulnerabilities with Fuzzing prior to deployment and avoid costly smart contract rewrites.

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Deploy your code and connect to the Ethereum and IPFS networks via our high availability APIs.

All the tools you need to learn, build and scale

Build amazing Web3 applications today with resources at your fingertips. Learn from our bootcamp, on-demand programs, developer documentation, technical tutorials, and a passionate Infura developer community.

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