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The easiest way to transact on Web3

Infura provides an unmatched user experience for Ethereum developers with the only solution for dynamic gas price and transaction management.

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Get unstuck from pending transactions.

Simplify your gas fee management and get the most reliable transactions at the best prices. Now available on Polygon!

Building dApps on the Ethereum network often comes with the inconvenience of stuck transactions, high gas fees and hidden transaction costs. What if you could focus on building that new NFT project without dealing with the complexities of handling ETH?

Why Infura Transactions (ITX)?

ITX is the easiest way to send an Ethereum transaction, set your budget, fill your tank and let us find the best gas price.


No more dropped transactions

Ensure your transactions are always picked up by the network as ITX will periodically republish your transactions with competitive gas prices.


We manage your transaction queues

Save the hassle of manually managing your transactions. ITX organizes all transaction queues in descending order with the highest fee first.


Pay less gas for quicker transactions

Our dynamic gas price escalation algorithm and real-time fee adjustments ensure your transactions are processed quickly and at the best price.

Quicker transactions

Transact on Ethereum without holding ETH

Flexible payment schedules allow enterprises to transact on the Ethereum network without holding ETH on the balance sheet.

Flexible payments

Move from reactive to proactive

Innovate at speed and accelerate the decentralized economy

Plug-and-play transaction API for crypto wallet providers

Natively support ITX in your Ethereum wallet with plug-and-play infrastructure. Create a seamless experience for your end user transactions.

Seamless transaction experience on dApps

Enable the best customer experience with fast managed transactions. Help your end users lower their fees by sending ETH to the ITX contract and use our relay service.

Optimal gas prices for Layer 2 rollup providers

A critical step for a Layer 2 rollup is writing their rollup transactions back to the Ethereum mainnet. Our fee adjustment strategy ensures that the rollup block is mined at the best price. Now available on Polygon!


“At Gluwa, it is our belief to constantly strive to improve the experience for our users. By integrating ITX, our users no longer need to worry about dropped transactions or retry functionality that causes higher gas fees when a transaction is pending for a long time.”

Tae Lim Oh, Founder & CEO of Gluwa

Tae Lim Oh

Founder & CEO of Gluwa

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Infura Transactions (ITX) Simplifies Transaction Management on Ethereum

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