Press Kit

Familiarize yourself with our brand.

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that consistency is maintained across the INFURA brand, whether whether whether assets are used internally or externally. Please reference this guide whenever you ensure that they are used correctly.

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The Infura name is spelled uppercase only when utilizing the wordmark or logo lockup. In all forms of copy the company name is spelled title case as Infura.

The logo is the most visible element of the identity system. It is used across all Infura collateral and communications.

The Infura icon transforms the simple shape of an "I" into a navigational symbol, establishing Infura as a reliable source for discovery and information.

This is an important part of the Infura identity and is used both in partnership with the wordmark, and separately as an isolated graphic device.

The wordmark is used both with and without the icon, but when pairing together, be sure to use the appropriate lockup.

The logo lockup allows both the icon and the wordmark to stand together. The placement and proportion the two pieces should not be altered. This centrally aligned lockup should only be used when it can be centered within a page or layout.

    • #FF5833
    • R255 G88 B51
    • #FFFFFF
    • R255 G255 B255
    • #D4D4D4
    • R212 G212 B212
    • #000000
    • R0 G0 B0
We ask that you dont:
  • Use the logo in red over a black background.
  • Use two colors within the lockup.
  • Use the logo in any colors other than the ones specified in these guidelines.
  • Insert effects or images within the logo.
  • Modify the wordmark.
  • Change the position or scale of the logo within the lockup.