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Leave the time-consuming work to us. Infura’s NFT API makes the NFT metadata you need accessible and searchable.

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“The NFT API removed all the legwork to provide NFT services for our Web3 gaming platform... If we were to do this without NFT API, we would have to worry about scalability of our database to account for increase traffic of our wallet application.”

Jay Chung, Global Business Development Lead, Intella X, Neowiz

The Infura NFT SDK

Template-based approach

Secure smart contracts

Multi-language kits

ERC-721 & ERC-1155 NFT contracts

Infura NFT Suite Tutorial

Learn how quickly you can use the Infura NFT API suite with Chris Anatalio,
Infura’s Platform Advocate

Create a 1-1 NFT Collection using Infura NFT SDK

Import SDK → Setup private key → Setup Infura API key → Select template of NFT to use → Deploy the contract → Configure the metadata (base URI) → Mint 1 NFT → Repeat

“Infura NFT will help us delight our customers by providing the scalability and performance that is needed to power the NFT experience that our users have come to expect from MetaFi”

Kai Huang, Product Manager, MetaMask

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