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Infura supports Aurora, an Ethereum-compatible scaling solution created by the team at the NEAR protocol. Get a high quality Ethereum development experience, with layer-2-like speed and scalability.

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The Aurora Engine, a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and the Aurora Bridge are at your fingertips.

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About Aurora

Aurora is an independent, self-funded initiative that leverages the technology of the NEAR Protocol. The governance of Aurora is a hybrid form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization—the AuroraDAO—complemented by a traditional entity. In 2021, the Aurora DAO approved the creation of a new token, AURORA.

Supported By Tools You Actually Use

Aurora supports all the tools available in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Over 115+ Projects Built on Aurora

Discover what developers are building on Aurora and Infura

Case Study

Flux Protocol

Flux provides secure infrastructure to help create a trustless, decentralized financial ecosystem.

Case Study


Frontier helps users store, send and receive Crypto assets from a single spot.

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