Storage, decentralized. Cloud computing, redefined.

Infura helps developers decentralize the cloud with Filecoin, an open, hypercompetitive market where you’ll get paid to store, verify and provide the world’s most important data.

An open-source decentralized storage network with powerful incentives

Filecoin is IPFS-compatible and connects users to thousands of storage providers worldwide. As a storage provider or dapp developer, you’ll compete to offer the best prices and service.

Verifiable data

Content addressing and tamper-resistant cryptographic storage proofs verify data is being stored correctly and securely over time.

Competitive storage incentives

Anyone can participate and compete to win business. Provide whatever amount of storage you wish to match your ambitions.

Unprecedented availability

Decentralization and the ability to scale storage at petabyte-scale offers far more possibilities than web2 centralized cloud storage.

No complex setups, no custom code

We host and maintain everything for you so you can focus on product innovation.

Free with your Infura plan

Complementary to IPFS

Grants to grow the storage ecosystem

Store, provide or access the world’s data

Filecoin is a large community of developers, storage providers and users building the world’s first global decentralized storage network

Filecoin proofs

Filecoin enables providers of storage to prove that a unique encoding of your data exists in physical storage.

Storage market

The Filecoin node ecosystem incentivizes long-term distributed storage at competitive prices, delivering an exceptional user experience.

IPFS + Filecoin

Filecoin verifies that your data is being stored on IPFS, while maintaining the efficiency, authenticity and resiliency of the system.

Filecoin, the foundation for landscape-shaping Web3 projects

A widely applicable modular solution, Filecoin empowers innovative Web3 projects to grow their own ecosystems, advance existing ecosystems and shape our decentralized future.

Is a suite of APIs and services that allow developers to easily and swiftly interface with decentralized storage and data via Filecoin’s network, in a trustless, scalable and reliable way.


Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is an innovative, decentralized marketplace that allows users to publish, buy, sell, consume, and stake on data, through the medium of Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, all the while maintaining data privacy.



Livepeer is a decentralized video infrastructure network for developers who want to add live or on-demand video to their projects. It focuses on increasing the scalability and reliability of video streaming, reducing associated costs by up to 50x.


Getting started with Filecoin + Infura

Explore the Filecoin ecosystem

From documentation to tutorials to grants, here’s what you need to start using Filecoin.

Getting started with the Infura Filecoin API

It takes only a few steps to get started with Infura.

Build apps, dapps and more on Filecoin

Learn how we can get you up and running with Filecoin in no time.

Accelerator programs

Check out Filecoin’s programs, ESPA (enterprises) or Venus.hub (all devs), to help you get off the ground.

Start building on Infura + Filecoin