The power to scale, side by side with Ethereum

Infura supports Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS), the low-cost, secure and flexible sidechain for developers to build flawless user experiences – backed by the Ethereum network.

EmbleMATIC speed, scale and security

The Polygon PoS network is an efficient EVM-compatible sidechain, supporting MetaMask, Infura and other leading tools commonly used by developers on Ethereum.


Build like you do on Ethereum and transfer easily between Ethereum and Polygon


L1-level security (the same as Ethereum mainnet), backed by validators and checkpoints that are submitted to Ethereum

Scalability and Cost

Minimal downtime, dedicated blockchains and scalable consensus algorithms, with ~10,000x lower costs per transaction than Ethereum

An innovative ecosystem for
scaling Ethereum

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About Polygon

Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) is one of the top scaling solutions in web3, giving developers the speed, security and low-costs needed to launch web3 projects globally. Polygon employs a high-throughput blockchain while maintaining asset security through a robust Plasma bridging framework and decentralized PoS (proof-of-stake) validators.

Supported by tools you actually use

Polygon supports all tools available in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Getting started with Infura + Polygon PoS

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Here are some resources to help you along your way.

Infura-Polygon PoS documentation

Read the documentation for more info on getting started with Polygon PoS.

Read about launching Polygon on the Infura network

Check out our blog for more information on getting started.

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Join the Polygon community to learn more and be in the know.

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