In the first few years of Ethereum and IPFS, Infura has earned the trust of the Web3 community with our easy-to-use, dependable infrastructure service. Now, in order to provide even better stability and enhanced features, we are creating some more diverse product offerings to improve the developer experience. We’re excited to announce the release of our premium Ethereum API subscription service, Infura+.

Infura+ includes 3 new subscription tiers supporting blockchain developers building applications of all sizes on the Ethereum network. Developers can choose the infrastructure services that fit their needs with custom plans available from day one. Here are the 3 Infura+ tiers:

About Infura+ Ethereum API Subscription Options

All Infura tiers provide access to Ethereum mainnet and the Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan, and Goerli test-nets. Infura+ tiers provide increased daily request volume and support features tailored for larger, production-ready applications. All users will be able to configure their accounts with custom add-ons. At launch, developers will be able to select the Ethereum Archive Data add-on for their account.

Everyone can now sign up to Infura+ directly in the Infura Dashboard and start taking advantage of the benefits of our premium service. We are also excited to announce that for accounts created before today’s launch, we are offering a 3 month free trial for all subscription configurations. For a limited time, new users will also receive 3 months of free service!

Here are some of the basics of Infura+ so you can learn about the new service and which subscription level works best for your app.

Q: Will I still be able to access Infura for free?

A: Yes, the free tier, now known as the Core tier, is specifically for on-ramping developers to Ethereum. We are committed to providing the easiest way to start building Ethereum applications. Now, Infura+ can help growing applications scale by letting them upgrade their account when their application needs it.

Q: How do I sign up for my 3 months free of Infura+?

A: It’s easy to upgrade your account and take advantage of your free trial. Start by logging into the Infura Dashboard at Then you will see a link to upgrade your account.

Q: Why do I have to enter my payment information for the 3 month free trial?

A: Since Infura+ is a subscription, we do not want to interrupt your service to complete the account activation process after your trial period ends. Configuring payment now means that your account will be ready to go when the fourth month starts. (You can opt out at any time during your trial.)

We are adding more payment options in our next release. If there is one you’d really like to see, let us know.

Q: Do I have to use Dashboard-generated Project IDs to use Infura+?

A: Dashboard-generated Project IDs are required to use the features of Infura+. As a reminder, Project IDs lets you keep track of and control access to your account. We recommend upgrading all projects using Infura to the latest API authentication, if you haven’t already. Unauthenticated requests and requests using old versions of authentication are unsupported.

Q: What happens if I don’t upgrade to Infura+?

A: Infura+ is not mandatory for any developers on Infura! We are maintaining the free access you know and love on the Core tier. Infura+ is for applications that require increased request volume, features such as Ethereum Archive Data, and advanced support directly from the Infura team.

The Archive Data add-on is required for access to Ethereum archive data. Infura+ users will also have an increased rate limit over free users. For more information on rate limits, visit

Q: Do you support custom plans with SLAs or other features?

A: Yes, if you are interested in a customized plan for your business or use case, we support configurable plans with options for increased request volume, SLAs, higher levels of support, and more. Reach out to us and a member of our team will work with you to create a custom solution.

Thank you again to all the Infura users who helped test our service and provided feedback. With your help — and the billions of requests we’ve served and learned from — we have built Infura to be the most reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use Ethereum infrastructure available. Infura+ is the next step in the evolution of a better distributed web.

If you have more questions or want more specifics on the new options Infura+ is offering, please feel free to ask questions in our community or reach out to our team directly.