Wanna be in the same league as Damien Hirst, DC, and Niftys? Then build your NFT on the Palm network!

Infura and Palm NFT Studio are excited to announce that the Palm network is now available to all users of Infura. Nearly 430,000 developers now have access to create NFTs on the Palm network.

The Palm NFT Studio

The Palm network is an Ethereum sidechain dedicated to selling, purchasing, and trading NFTs that are associated with real-world and digital assets. Palm provides low gas costs and fast transaction finality. The network is over 99% more energy efficient than Proof of Work-based blockchain networks, providing artists with a more sustainable solution today, while Ethereum upgrades to Proof of Stake in the Merge, tentatively scheduled for release in July 2022.

The Palm NFT Studio has collaborated with Damien Hirst, DC, Niftys and Warner Brothers and other artists in minting NFTs on the Palm network.

How to mint an NFT on Palm

For users looking to mint NFT projects, the Palm network provides an effective solution to create NFTs that are able to be bridged back to Ethereum.

To access the Palm mainnet or testnet endpoints, here’s how to get started:

1. Login to your Infura account and select an existing Ethereum project (or create a new Ethereum project if you have not yet).

2. Click on the settings of the project to view the Palm API endpoints.

Using Palm mainet and testnet is free as part of all Infura plans, and requests sent to the API count as part of your existing plan. No action is required to activate Palm, and the availability of Palm testnet allows you to have an environment to begin developing and testing your NFT project before going live.

See our documentation on Palm for more information, as well as links to helpful tutorials.

Get in touch and start building

Interested in creating your own NFTs, but do not know where to start?

Learn more from Infura’s Director of Engineering, Kris Shinn, on minting NFTs using Infura and Replit, based on his EthDenver 2022 presentation.

Let us know how you are using NFTs in our Discord and feel free to ask questions in our community.

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