Palm, an Ethereum sidechain, is transitioning to a Polygon CDK-powered Chain to enhance its operations and expand its range of use cases.

Palm, an Ethereum sidechain originally focused on the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs associated with digital and real-world assets, has transitioned its testnet to the Polygon ecosystem by utilizing the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), following the merger of Candy Digital & Palm NFT Studio.

This migration positions the Palm network to better provide dapps with increased speed, security, and scalability, making it well-suited for high-traffic applications like gaming, social media, and e-commerce.

Infura is currently supporting Palm through this migration by using a 3rd party partner to give developers seamless access to this network.

The former Palm endpoints, which went live on Infura in June 2021 have since then garnered a total of 7.2 billion lifetime requests.

Benefits of Palm for Infura developers

Some of the benefits of Palm network transitioning to an L2 are:

  1. Improved speed, security and scalability: The L2 Palm network will offer high speed, security, and scalability to dapps.
  2. EVM-compatibility: Developers can now write and deploy EVM-compatible DeFi applications on the Palm network using popular Ethereum libraries, tooling, and development tools.
  3. EVM-compatible NFT marketplace: This migration also makes it possible for Palm network to onboard both primary and secondary NFT marketplaces with full minting capability.

What do Infura developers need to know?

Infura developers are not expected to do anything as all endpoints will remain the same. Although access will be provided via a 3rd party partner, pricing for requests on Palm will align with the existing Infura pricing model.

Palm’s testnet will go live using the Polygon Chain Development Kit on October 2nd. Subsequently, Palm’s mainnet will follow, although this date is yet to be confirmed. We will have further communications once the mainnet is ready.

Infura is committed to facilitating a smooth transition for all our users by minimizing any disruption to operations and providing comprehensive support throughout the migration process. Please check out the Infura documentation for Palm for further information.