After adding support for NEAR, we are happy to share that Infura will soon also support Aurora, NEAR’s EVM-compatible network.

After announcing our integration with NEAR in May of this year, we are thrilled to share that Infura will soon also support Aurora, adding to Infura’s list of supported networks and our contribution to building a multi-chain future for Web3.

In this blog, we’ll explain what Aurora is and what the benefits of building on it are.  

What is Aurora?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) created by the team at the NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides a similar developer experience to Ethereum on top of the NEAR protocol. Aurora’s EVM compatibility ensures that any project built there can be easily transferred to Ethereum, without having to change a single line of code.  

Aurora also maintains NEAR’s interoperability through the Rainbow Bridge, which facilitates the permissionless transfer of tokens and data between Aurora, NEAR, and Ethereum.

At its core, Aurora addresses the scalability challenges that the Ethereum mainnet faces, while providing Ethereum developers and users a smoother onboarding experience to the NEAR ecosystem.

Key Benefits of Building On Aurora with Infura

Since the Aurora implementation is a smart contract, it has the same benefits as working with the NEAR layer one protocol. Those benefits include:

  • Higher transaction throughput, up to 1000x lower transaction fees
  • Faster transaction finality
  • Horizontal EVM scaling through NEAR’s Nightshade Sharding

What makes Aurora efficient is that devs don’t have to leave the Ethereum network to build on NEAR: smart contracts run on Ethereum transfers effortlessly to NEAR through the Rainbow Bridge. This means devs can deploy to both networks simultaneously.

All the tools Ethereum developers already know work on Aurora. For example, Truffle is still compatible for making smart contract projects, while MetaMask can handle all transactions. And now that Infura offers compatibility with Aurora, devs can build projects with more observability and better security using custom RPC URLs.

Eager to try Aurora out with Infura? We will make access available to our users soon; so you can get ready now, by creating a free account with Infura if you don’t already have one.