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This month’s roundup brings you access to the Infura Filecoin API, new project security settings in your Dashboard, MetaMask Swaps, Infura developer tutorials, an invite to Trufflecon, and more. We hope the following resources will help you on your developer journey!

Introducing the Infura Filecoin API

Building with Filecoin? Our Filecoin API Beta is now LIVE and available for free for a limited number of users! The Beta allows developers to connect to the Filecoin Mainnet and build Filecoin-based applications.

Learn more about what you can build with Filecoin + Infura and join the waitlist.

ICYMI, our Senior Systems Engineer Tim Myers presented a demo of the Infura Filecoin API at Filecoin’s Liftoff Event last week! Watch the recording.

New Project Security Settings

We've added some new Project Security Settings in your Infura Dashboard to help you keep your Web3 project secure.

⚙️ Per Second Requests Rate-Limiting

⚙️ Per Day Total Requests Rate-Limiting

⚙️ JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

⚙️ Allowlist API Request Methods

Visit our docs to see in-depth examples and best practices for your new Project Security Settings.

Filters Support Over HTTPS

We're happy to announce that eth_newFilter and related RPCs are now available over HTTPS. Previously, these RPCs were only available over WebSocket connections. Check out this post where we explain how we enabled support for filters over HTTPS at Infura's scale.

🚨Upcoming Ethereum API changes! 🚨

We will be deprecating some legacy HTTP API endpoints, and they will become completely inaccessible on November 4, 2020. All of the affected endpoints serve data that is already available to Infura users via alternative ways, so the impact of this should be minimal. Please check this announcement or the status page for updates, and for any further questions drop us a message.

New Developer Tutorial: How to access Infura’s Ethereum API via HTTPS & WebSocket

Infura supports JSON-RPC over both HTTPS & WebSocket interfaces. In this tutorial, we’ll go through why you’d use each interface, as well as how to access the Ethereum API via both methods using a Node.js example.

Akropolis Customer Spotlight

Akropolis' mission is to give people the tools to save, grow and provision for the future safely and without dependence on geography, a central counter-party, or falling prey to the predatory financial practices of multiple intermediaries. Learn how they use Infura's Ethereum APIs to power their suite of DeFi products.

ICYMI: MetaMask Swaps is Now Live in the Firefox Extension

MetaMask users can now compare prices and swap tokens directly inside the wallet!

  • Find the best price every time. Access the most liquidity and the largest selection of tokens, at the most competitive prices.
  • Fewer approvals. No need to approve every token on multiple DEXs and aggregators for each trade. Approve a token once, trade against virtually all DEXs, and reduce your gas costs.
  • Reduced gas costs. Swaps recommends the best price and the most gas-efficient path for every trade.
  • Slippage protection. Spreads orders across virtually all DEXs to reduce the impact of slippage on the user making the swap.

Coming to other browsers and mobile soon. Learn more and start swapping.

Brace Yourself for Trufflecon

On November 6 & 7 EDT, Truffle is running their annual virtual developer conference to provide builders with DeFi, Dev Tool and UX workshops to help them build bigger and better on blockchain. Best of all, you can attend from your living room.

Michael Godsey, General Manager & Product Director for Infura will be presenting on Friday, November 6th from 3:30-4:00PM PT. We have some pretty exciting features lined up for release and in this session, Mike will give you a sneak preview of what’s launching, explore how these features integrate with Truffle to come together and supercharge development. 🎟️ Grab your ticket and secure a spot! 🎟️

Our Eth2 API is live and ready for testing! Drop us a message to register your interest.

Join the waitlist for Infura’s Filecoin API.

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