Happy December, everyone! ☃️🌲☃️

The past month was an exceptionally busy month for our team and we're excited to share a ton of exciting updates with the developer community! This roundup brings you a brand NEW Infura product offering, news of our recent acquisition, a limited time BONUS when you upgrade to Infura+, new docs and developer tutorials, and so much more!

Introducing Infura Transactions

Infura Transactions (ITX) is a simplified way to send Ethereum transactions - and it’s now LIVE on Rinkeby in Alpha mode!

Infura Transactions (ITX)

  • Send transactions without having to worry about setting the right gas price
  • Benefit from the ITX monitoring infrastructure that ensures transactions are re-published with competitive gas prices rather than getting stuck or dropped from the network pool
  • Submit transactions to Ethereum only once and pay the minimum gas possible required by the current network conditions to ensure transactions are successfully mined.
  • Pay for the gas of a transaction on behalf of their users.

Only a limited number of developers will be admitted into the ITX alpha, so submit your request here to be considered.

You can learn more about how Infura Transactions works in our latest blog post.

ICYMI, ConsenSys has acquired any.sender to join the Infura team!

Infura + any.sender

Any.sender is a team of two very talented engineers, Patrick McCorry and Chris Buckland, who built an awesome Ethereum transaction relaying service that makes the transaction sending process much easier, while lowering the cost of the transaction by actively managing the associated gas.

Improving the transaction experience for developers is a problem we’re passionate about and the work that the any.sender team has done will power many Infura features that target this problem.

Limited Time Offer: 500,000 Requests for $50!

We're feeling warm, cozy, and generous this holiday season so we’re offering you 500,000 requests per day for 3 months when you upgrade to the Developer tier in the next 7 days (by December 11, 2020). That’s an additional ❄️300,000 requests per day on us❄️ for your first 3 months on the Infura+!

To unlock your 300K request bonus, simply subscribe to the Developer tier and then drop us a note!

Ethereum 2.0 Successfully Launched!

With more than 95% participation from validators, Ethereum 2.0 has successfully launched! A historic moment for Ethereum and the ecosystem at large!

Ethereum 2.0 Product Guide

Ethereum 2.0 phases in the coming years will enable ETH transfers and withdrawals, shard chains fully-compatible with smart contracts, contract calls and execution environments for scalable dApps, and more. While companies and developers running applications on Ethereum 2.0 can still choose to run their own client and node infrastructure, they will also have the opportunity to connect to Infura’s Eth2 Beacon Chain API. No matter if you are a hobbyist wanting to run your own infrastructure or an institution wanting to provide staking services to clients, we’ve likely got a solution for you.

Our Eth2 API is live on mainnet! - Drop us a message to register your interest in accessing our Beta.

"This Boom Feels Organic; Traffic's Not Coming Out of The Blue Like With ICOs in 2017"

Our Co-Founder, E.G. Galano, chats with The Defiant’s Cami Russo about what it takes to run cloud-optimized Ethereum infrastructure, the different use cases for running your own node versus using Infura, and his take on the DeFi boom. Listen to the episode here.

New Web3 Developer Tutorial!

A hands-on tutorial on how to build a simple dApp and send a transaction using both web3.js and ethers.js via Infura’s APIs.

Ethereum JavaScript Libraries web3.js vs. ethers.js

Participate in Infura’s User Research Program

We’re eager to better understand how you use our service and how we can better address your needs through new products, features and platform improvements. By signing up for our User Research Program, you'll be notified when we conduct user research studies (interviews, user testing, short surveys) and you'll have the opportunity to help shape the future of our platform. We compensate participants fairly, and each study will have a separate incentive! If you’d like to participate, please fill out this quick form.

New Infura Docs!

We gave our docs a major makeover to make your development life easier💄

PLUS: We've translated some of our most popular developer tutorials into Simplified and Traditional Chinese! Happy reading!

Welcoming Truffle to the ConsenSys Family!

We are excited to welcome the Truffle Suite into the ConsenSys product stack. We are huge fans and users of Truffle, Ganache, and Drizzle, and we are excited to start working on further product integrations with our products as we head into the new year!

❄️ Our Eth2 API is live on mainnet! Drop us a message for access to our Beta.

❄️ Join the waitlist for Infura’s Filecoin API.

❄️ Submit a request for early access to Infura Transactions.


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