Leading up to the genesis of the Eth2 Beacon Chain mainnet, the Ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet landscape was quite tumultuous. Due to fluctuating validator participation and ongoing spec upgrades, many of the supported testnets were frequently replaced or became inactive. You can see here for a short history.

Without stable, long-term, and persistent testnets, it was impractical for our Eth2 Beacon Chain API to support any testnets. Yet, now that we are seeing increased stability, we are happy to announce support for the Pyrmont testnet!

To access the Pyrmont testnet, head to your Infura Dashboard Project Settings page and select the Endpoints dropdown menu.

Infura’s Eth2 API is live! How to Access the Public Beta
The future of Ethereum is here! Start accessing the Eth2 Beacon Chain through the Infura Eth2 API. Here’s how to access the Beta

If you already have experience using the API, you can jump right in with the new endpoint: https://eth2-beacon-pyrmont.infura.io.

Here's an example of retrieving the latest block to get you started:

As always, if you need help at any time, join the Infura Community to connect with the team or drop us an email at [email protected].