After a phenomenal 2017 that saw Infura relay over $8 billion dollars worth of ETH and grow from 20 million request per day to over 6 billion as the Ethereum ecosystem grew exponentially. We partnered with Brooklyn-based design firm Relative and are excited to share a new brand identity for Infura that matches the ambition and gravity of our mission to provide secure, reliable, scalable access to the emerging decentralized web built on Ethereum.

While we love Godzilla and our original branding thematic, imagery of a scary monster doesn’t necessarily convey the reliability and security of a platform that handles over 6+ billion requests a day, so we’ve given the Infura brand something of a facelift to better represent who we are and where we’re going.

While sharp-eyed community members will recognize allusions to the original theme, the new look is tied together by bold, bright, and crisp communication, strong elements of navigational symbols, and an attitude that is at once inviting and trustworthy.

Check out and get to know our new look, new website, and find what we have in store for 2018.