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Infura brings together everything you need to start building on Web3, with infinitely scalable systems and exceptional documentation.

Reliable access to top networks with 99.9% uptime

Free engineers from sinking hundreds of hours into managing infrastructure.

Get 10x faster request response times compared to other services and self hosting

Web3 success stories run on Infura

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Focus on building on Ethereum, Polygon, IPFS, and 7 other networks


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Key NFT metadata, tools and templates help you provide a better NFT experience for users.

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Our multichain ecosystem gives you the freedom to choose a network that meets your requirements


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Our global community is trusted by 400,000+ developers at companies like Uniswap, Coinbase Wallet, and MakerDao. Get access to exceptional documentation and resources along with seamless integration into the leading Web3 development stack including MetaMask, Truffle, and Diligence.

A world of infinite connections

Infura empowers developers to build Web3 projects with ease, giving you a foundation of tools so you can focus on what's important: creating.

The Infura APIs are exceptionally intuitive and fast. Comparing these to other platforms is night and day. This makes it so much easier to build your own Web3 experience and be productive.

Bob Morita, Director of Engineering, Balenciaga

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No matter what you want to create, the leading developer tools from ConsenSys has you covered.

Truffle Development Suite

Smart contracts just got sweeter.

Diligence Blockchain Security

Keep your smart contracts secure.

MetaMask Wallet

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Infura is a launchpad to help you blast off into the world of Web3

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Release of NFT API + SDK

More NFT API endpoints & SDKs with secure, ready-to-deploy smart contracts now available to all

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Infura now supports Celo

Free access to mobile-first, EVM-compatible and ReFi-focused Layer 1


Learn how the top web3 companies use Infura to scale their business

The stories of 10 Web3 companies and their paths to scalability with Infura


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